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After almost a year in Thailand, we returned to the U.S. for a short furlough. While there, we had an opportunity to tell about our first experiences for a Mission TV Report with Natalie Wood (at Jesus For Asia’s studio in TN). Here is that report. Thank-you for watching!

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Over a year ago we received a call from God to be a part of Jesus for Asia state-side operations, but as the time approached for us to join them God redirected us to Texas, where I have been serving at Family First Radio Network for this past year. Our hearts still connected to JFA, we helped with Faith Camp 2010 (our second Faith Camp), which was a real blessing. We were not able to attend FC 2011 in person (our second child had just been born weeks before), so we were looking forward to watching online via live stream. The Sabbath before FC 2011 was to begin, we decided to watch a DVD of FC 2010, and it was then that God renewed His call and give me a vision for Thailand. So then, watching FC 2011 via live stream I was paying specific attention to the mission projects in Thailand. As Bill & Venie Osborn presented their work at the All-Asia TV Studio, I knew this was where God was calling us to serve.

About the All-Asia TV Studio: With over 66 million people in Thailand and less than .5% are Christian of any denomination, there is a great need to spread the hope and love of Jesus to the Thai people. The All-Asia TV Studio was designed to allow local language presenters to record (and someday air on satellite TV) evangelistic content in the local languages of the regions throughout southeast Asia.

There will be opportunities for Tesha to serve in Thailand, too, not only as a godly mother to our two children, but educating and training the people in health principles as well as caring for those who are sick. Tesha has her RN BSN licence and worked as a med-surge nurse for some years, and she has been keeping her license updated even though she has chosen to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. As it happens, the All-Asia TV Studio is right beside a medical training center run by our church, and the Chang Mai Adventist Academy is near by too.

How you can help: Now we are inviting you to pray with us that, if it is His will, the Lord will provide the funds for us to move to Thailand to work there for perhaps for the next two or three years or more. If funds are available in time, we hope to leave for Thailand around December 7. That means a lot needs to happen quickly! We are praying that the Lord will provide $40,000 for launching expenses by December 31, and we would like to have at least half of this by December 1. We would also like to raise commitments totaling $2,000 per month for support for our family over the years following.

Most of all, we solicit your prayers for divine wisdom as we help step out in faith on this mission endeavor. Please let us know if you would like to be a prayer partner and would like to be kept informed about special prayer requests.

In closing, God does not call everyone to a work in some foreign land, but He does call us all to work for Him. We pray that God is working in your life as well, showing you how to prepare for Christ’s soon coming and how to minister to others in your own circle of influence. If you are also involved in mission work, we would love to hear from you and pray for you as well.


Daniel & Tesha Bair

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