May 16, 2012
The countdown has begun for our flight to Thailand, and there is so much to do! Getting visas, packing for the flight, getting rid of extraneous possessions, moving our stuff out east and/or storing it here, and more. We are excited to be finally going!
A lot of our friends have been wondering why we are able to go, when we didn’t reach our original goal of $40,000. So Daniel and I thought we’d write out the re-visited budget. Some budget items have changed as we have gotten more information on what things cost, and some things have already been paid for.

Launch Budget:
Travel: $3,358.55 for one-way tickets to Bangkok, Thailand (we opted for one-way…round trip wasn’t more economical this time, and we’re not sure on flight date back). Train to Chiang Mai:$57.
Non-immigrant Visas: not yet purchased, estimated at $400 (the application to allow for a full year stay has to be completed in Thailand).
Thai Language School tuition (Daniel, and maybe Tesha, will likely be taking this course in Chiang Mai twice a week, to learn the language). $812.50 per person, so up to $1,625 per year needed.
Moving to WV/Storing belongings: Estimated at $2000-$4500.
Cell-Phone Disconnect Fee: $300 estimated.
Totals: $7,057.95 to $10,370.45.

Monthly Budget:
Tithe/Offerings (dependent on income): $170-$364.
Daniel and Tesha’s Student Loans: $250 (current low-income payments) to $420 (standard payments).
Flight Tickets Savings: $350-$700.
Visas/Border Crossing Expenses: estimated $30-$250.
Diapers/Baby Care: $100-$150.
Food: $120-$240.
Emergency/Other: $100-$300.
Totals: $1,120-$2,424.

Already Covered:
Fundraising Trip: about $750
Dental Work: $250
Vaccinations: $140
Passports: about $210
Vehicle: We believe this is covered (estimated to be $16,000-$20,000 to buy a car in Thailand), since we have been offered a place to stay within only a few hundred yards of the All-Asia TV studio, and since we are told we can schedule the use of a truck (which I gather may belong to the Educational Opportunity Foundation which Tesha will be working with).
Praise God for His provision on these items! And thank-you to all who have donated!

Wish List:
Mac Pro laptop, video software and a professional camera: approx. $2000 for used, to approx. $4,000 new. This would help for Daniel to be able to work while traveling in Thailand.
Window Air Conditioner unit for the house in Thailand: $300-$400 estimated. This would be desired, not for temperature control, but for humidity control, as the humidity can produce black mildew and mold in the houses in Thailand.
Maybe Daniel will need a motor scooter for light travel.
Our Student Loan Payoff: If anyone is impressed to pay off our student loans, our combined total is around $40,000.

A big “Thank-you!” to all who have already given money or time or expertise to helping Thailand Gospel Media Project get started. You are very appreciated!

Written on May 17th, 2012 , Pre Launch

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